Naver’s AI Personal Assistant Application


Naver began its Artificial Intelligence(AI) experiment by releasing the beta test for their AI personal assistant application “Naver-Clova.” Naver-Clova is available as a smartphone application on any platform and therefore users can access the AI agent without having to purchase specific speaker devices or use specific Operating Systems.

The app utilizes an AI platform Clova, co-developed by Naver and Line, which offers personal assistant services that can search for information, recommend music, translate languages, and have emotional conversations.

One of Naver-Clova’s most captivating features is its information search function. The AI agent can answer questions given in colloquial form, such as “when is the Thanksgiving this year?”, “How much is 500 Euros in KRW?”, or “Recommend me some popular places in Hannam.” In terms of its music recommendation functionality, users can ask questions such as “give me some exciting music,” “I want some 80s music” and Clova will return the results that befit the situation.

In addition to simple translation, Naver-Clova can handle conversations. For instance, users can ask “How do you say ‘How much is it?’ in Chinese, Japanese, or English.” It supports English practice mode when user activates the agent with the voice command “Let’s speak in English.” Besides, users can ask “please sing a song for me”, “I’m lonely”, “I’m bored” to experience various AI features the application provides.

As AI learns from its user’s behaviors, Naver expects the users to have better experience as they use the personal assistant feature for longer duration. Naver plans to add more functionalities such as its conversational engine ‘Naver i’ and ‘AiRS’ to the application and enhance its intelligence through the beta service.

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