Traveling to Japan? Use KakaoTaxi to Get Around


Users can now call taxis in Japan using the KakaoTaxi mobile app.

Kakao (Kakao Corp. 카카오) announced that it has partnered with JapanTaxi, Japan’s largest mobile taxi service, to provide a global KakaoTaxi service. This announcement, made on May 22nd, marks the beginning of KakaoTaxi’s move to enter foreign markets.

The partnership allows users of Kakao and JapanTaxi to call taxis while abroad in Japan or Korea using their respective mobile apps. The connectivity of the apps makes traveling convenient for users: KakaoTaxi users can call taxis using the Kakao app in Japan, and JapanTaxi users can call taxis using the JapanTaxi app in Korea.

Jung Joo Hwan, head of Kakao’s mobility business, noted that the company “considered partnerships with various countries abroad when KakaoTaxi first launched,” and commented that “in 2016 alone, there were 5 million Korean travelers in Japan,” and given that there will be a constant rise of Korean travelers, “partnering with Japan for our users’ convenience was the company’s priority.”

Kawanabe, JapanTaxi CEO, also noted that the company was excited to partner with KakaoTaxi given that “annual travelers between Korea and Japan increase more than 130% annually” and with the upcoming 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics in Korea and the 2020 Winter Olympics in Japan, it made sense for the two companies to form a partnership and create synergies.

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