Handcrafted Goods Marketplace Idus Hits 1 Million Total Transactions


BackPackr Inc (CEO: DongHwan Kim) announced on May 22nd that its handcrafted product marketplace app, Idus, exceeded 1 Million cumulative transactions, with total sales of 27 Million USD (30 Billion KRW).

Idus started its service in the June of 2014. Since its inception, the application has become the biggest handcrafted product marketplace provider in the country. Idus currently has over 2000 active producers of accessories, leather arts, pottery, natural ingredient soaps, and foods with the number of total product amount exceeding 35,000.

Among all sales, accessories had a share of 23%, hand crafted foods 19%, fashion items 12%, and candles 10%. As for the item specific statistics, 17,000 units of vinegar drink and 12,000 units of fabric perfume were the two items with the highest sales. As for the demographic specific statistics, female users purchased fabric perfume the most, while male users bought wood dock accessory the most. Garlands were popular among its teenage users, fabric perfume for those in twenties, vinegar drink among those in thirties, and bean mugwort ricecake for the users in their forties.

Idus reached 1 billion transactions and total sales of 2.3 million USD (2.5 billion KRW) this year, and has exceeded 25 million application downloads.

BackPackr CEO DongHwan Kim stated, “The main objective of Idus is to provide handcraft artists with access to the market and grow together. We will communicate more in order to build the trends together.”

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