Neofect releases RAPAEL Smart Board, a Device to Assist Upper Extremity Rehabilitation for Stroke Patients

Neofect RAPAEL

Neofect, a smart rehabilitation solution startup, announced on May 30th that it has released RAPAEL Smart Board, an upper extremity rehabilitation training medical device for stroke patients.

RAPAEL Smart Board has been developed such that the user trains by playing an assignment-oriented game. Patients with central nervous systems or musculoskeletal disorders, which include stroke, spinal trauma and multiple sclerosis, can exercise using the board to improve one’s active joint range and control ability. Furthermore, any patients who have limited functional movement can utilize this device to enhance their performance.

Utilizing learning schedule algorithm, RAPAEL Smart Rehabilitation Solution adjusts the game’s difficulty based on a patient’s movement range. It allows for efficient rehabilitation management by saving and displaying a graph of patient’s data during training.

RAPAEL Smart Board evaluates a patient’s initial movement based on three assignments: ‘free exploration’, ‘point-to-point reaching’ and ‘shape drawing.’ Free exploration estimates one’s visuomotor (the coordination of movement and visual perception by the brain) mapping capability and range of motion (ROM). Point-point reaching evaluates one’s ability to reach a target accurately and swiftly. Lastly, shape drawing assesses one’s motor coordination by drawing shapes along the given trajectory.

On top of that, RAPAEL Smart Board is designed such that it motivates users under rehabilitation by presenting an integrative exercise data that has been regularly recorded and analyzed.

It is worth noting that the therapist can use the results of one set of exercise as a quantitative assessment indicator to identify the patient’s status.

Neofect CEO Ban Hoyoung stated, “When it comes to rehabilitation, along with exercising, being able to objectively assess a patient is crucial.” He added, “By regularly using RAPAEL Smart Board assessment program, the medical staffs and patients will have access to accurate information on the status of patients.”

In addition, one can try RAPAEL Smart Board for free at Neofect Experience Center.

About Neofect

Neofect’s RAPAEL Smart Rehabilitation Solution assists one to have a more systematic and pleasant rehabilitation training experience by providing objective data and a combination of smart devices and a gamified rehabilitation contents. Neofect established a branch in San Francisco in 2015 and in Munich in 2016. They are currently in the process of negotiating sales contracts with distribution networks in Europe and the US.

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