NewCities Summit 2017 Held in Songdo to Improve Life in Cities


NewCities, an international non-profit organization, was found by John Rossant in 2010 to improve life in cities by making them more inclusive, connected, healthy and vibrant. Focusing on people, places and policies, NewCities not only brings together a global network of public and private sector leaders and Urban Tech innovators to foster results-oriented collaborations, but also produces actionable research that can be implemented by decision-makers across sectors.

“We founded NewCities because the move to cities, especially in the developing world, is one of the defining trends of this first half of the 21st century. This is the first truly urban century in the history of mankind. There is a massive, unprecedented movement of people to cities. We have to deal with this move. We have to get cities right for mankind to have a healthy and prosperous future,” Rossant commented to Tech for Korea.

One of the ways NewCities brings leaders and innovators to produce actionable research is through its flagship event, NewCities Summit. Since NewCities Summit was first held in Paris, France in 2012, it has allowed leaders and innovators from over 200 organizations and 50 countries each year to foster friendships and collaborations. This year, for the first time, NewCities Summit will be held in Songdo, South Korea from June 7-9 on the theme Thriving Cities: The Building Blocks of Urban Wellbeing.

In line with the theme, this year’s summit will focus on improving people’s quality of life. NewCities Summit will open with a welcome speech from founder Rossant and participants will attend plenary panels, breakout panels, parallel sessions, and keynote conversations that will aid in facilitating pragmatic research on solutions to challenges facing cities and launching initiatives to drive urban progress with its participants. Detailed Program.

Notable Korean speakers in the Summit are Priscilla Baek (Uber), Chungha Cha (Re-Imagining cities Foundation), Minsuk Cho (Mass Studies), Chan-Kun Han (POSCO Engineering and Construction), Hyungsoo Kim (Tree Planet), Jimmy Kim (SparkLabs), Teo Lee (Alt-A), Lee Young Geun (Incheon Free Economic Zone), Moon Hoon (Moonhoon Architects). Fleur Pellerin (Korelya Capital), Julia Suh (Urban Toolbox), and Jeong-bok Yoo (Mayor of Incheon). Detailed list of Speakers.

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