Buzzvil, the only B2B Lock Screen Advertising Platform Service Provider in the World


Buzzvil is a lock screen advertising platform active in 6 countries including South Korea, the United States, Japan, and Taiwan. It is the only B2B lock screen advertising platform service provider in the world. Following its rising popularity in the market, TechForKorea interviewed the company and learned a lot about its innovative technology, company vision, and the unique startup culture.


Q: Could you give us a brief explanation of your main product Buzzscreen? What is the user experience like?

Buzzscreen is a lockscreen SDK service developed by the company. Currently, the service includes lockscreen reward applications Honeyscreen and SlideJoy, which are also developed by Buzzvil and covers the Asian region and the European and American regions respectively. Through these applications, Buzzvil is running B2C application business in 22 countries.

Honeyscreen and SlideJoy allow the users to view personalized advertisements on their lockscreen and earn points accordingly that can be exchanged into vouchers, giftcards, and cash.

Buzzscreen provides lockscreen functionalities in SDK form and allows users to utilize the lockscreen in a useful way by earning points. For example, the OK CashBag application can turn on its feature through Buzzscreen, and users receive OK CashBag points through Buzzscreen. Buzzvil provide the advertisement and promotions on the OK CashBag locker. The profit is shared between the publisher and Buzzvil.

Currently about 30 partners are using Buzzscreen. Our partners include  point applications and preloaded applications such as the OK Cashbag, Syrup, Lotte L-point, and KT WhoWho, content service providers such as BattleComics, and the commerce business provider 11th street.


Q: Buzzvil is famous for its diverse culture and backgrounds, with a unique composition of its employees. Would you like to share the unique startup culture of the company with TechForKorea readers?

Buzzvil is a global startup with talents around the world. As of the April of 2017, the company has 60 members working at offices in Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo, and New York. We work under the common goal of taking up 80% of the world’s lockscreens. About 20% of the 60 members are from various foreign nations including software developers from the US and Ethiopia, designers from France and Vietnam, and more.


Q: Buzzscreen’s success is not limited to the Korean market, could you share its success in the global market with us?

As mentioned before, Buzzvil continues to expand its presence in the global market with offices in New York, Taipei, Tokyo, and Seoul. SlideJoy covers the European and American regions, while HoneyScreen covers for the Asian region. We run B2C application business in a total of 22 countries covered by these applications include Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. We also run B2B lock screen advertisement platform business in 6 countries including the United States, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia. We currently have a total downloads of 12 Million, and Daily Active Users of 2.8 Million.


Q: Along with BaeMin and SmartStudy, Buzzvil is spotlighted as a startup company with an amazing culture. How amazing is it specifically?

The core of our culture is horizontal work environment. We believe that our employee’s growth is directly related to the company’s growth, so we strongly encourage each individual member’s personal improvement.

For example, I would like to introduce the flexible work environment here at Buzzvil. Employees are free to arrive at work at any time between 9am and 10am. Location of work is up to each member as well. We got rid of the Korean appellation system which was rather authoritative. Instead, we use English names, which allows conversations without too much formality. We also have a special CEO talk, which allows our employees to ask questions anonymously to the leaders.

In addition, Buzzvil thinks that employee development leads to company’s development. We try our best to encourage each employee’s personal improvement. For example, we support tuitions for academic programs such as foreign languages programs or coding programs. Employees can buy unlimited amounts of books for free as long as they are self-improvement books.

Employee Satisfaction is another key factor that Buzzvil values. We provide breakfasts every morning. If employees have to work late, we cover costs for their dinner as well. There is unlimited amounts of refreshments and drinks at the office. We fund club societies inside the company which includes the soccer club, cooking club, and the coffee society.

Buzzvil truly believes that employee’s satisfaction and forming positive atmosphere leads to better results.


Q: Could you tell us about future direction of Buzzvil?

Currently, Buzzvil is the biggest lockscreen advertising network in the country. We aim to become the largest in the world. We want to expand up to 80% of the world’s lockscreens, and provide free mobile experiences through lockscreen.

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