MWC Shanghai 2017 Hosts ‘IoT Summit’ to Discuss the Future of the Connected World

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Mobile World Congress Shanghai will be held in Shanghai from June 28th to July 1st. There will be 650+ exhibitors and 65,000+ attendees to showcase and discuss current trends in mobile industry. The conference will feature thought-provoking presentations from some of the mobile industry’s most influential executives, who will share their visions of the mobile industry while providing essential insights into current and future trends.

During the three-day exhibition and conference, participants can explore seven core event themes: Consumer IoT, Content & Media, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Innovation, Networks, Platforms and Sustainable Development.

As Internet of Things technologies continuously extend existing business models to a more comprehensive cross-industry concept, mobile services are able to push beyond the limits of data, analytics, intelligence and interactivity and allow people to enjoy a more connected lifestyle.

During the IoT Summit on the second day of MWC Shanghai, IoT executives from Alibaba, AT&T, Qualcomm, Gemalto, Bosch Sensortec and more will discuss challenges and opportunities in IoT: “Scaling IoT in the Connected World – Industrial Applications and Future Prospects”, “Consumer IoT”, “Low-Power Mobile IoT in Licensed Spectrum”, “IoT Security”, and “IoT Big Data – Unlocking the Potential.”

Several Korean startups are showcasing their latest technologies at this year’s MWC Shanghai. For example, Neuronworks is presenting its IoT middleware solution, Neuronio, that provides a foundation for seamless,  secure and reliable data delivery to the cloud, delivering value to the cloud.

SoSo has developed affordable brainwave devices and analyzing software regarding Brain Computer Interface. Their goal is to improve the quality of our lives with their high-technology, know-how and developments such as wearable devices measuring multi bio-signal, healthcare service, VR, IoT, Smart Home & Smart car.

SPACOSA’s specialty is their vehicle location management solution with a GPS Tracker that is currently available with LoRa network and GPS Tracker with 3G and LTE.

UMAIN, a Ultra Wide Band (UWB) High Resolution Impulse Radar technology company, has successfully mass produced UWB Radar chip and related Antennas and Signal Processing Algorithm. UMAIN targets industries that rely on legacy sensors, such as the security and surveillance, ITS, robot, automotive, IoT, disaster Prevention, construction, entertainment, and medical industry.

Neowine provides security semiconductors for IoT, connected cars, VoIP etc. Its core technology is key management. Because keys for encryption are generated and managed only inside the chip, it is impossible to hack any data encrypted with the keys.

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