Meet Korean Mobile Technology Companies at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017


GSMA Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017 is a fast growing, global industry exhibition that features cutting-edge product, technology and startups. It is quickly gaining reputation as a thought-leadership mobile conference that provides outstanding networking opportunities and brings together leading products, services, and technologies from the global mobile ecosystem.

This 4-day conference, from June 28th to July 1st, will showcase products and services offered by some of the leading mobile technology startups throughout the world. In addition, the program is filled with renounced keynote speakers and various panel discussions. Ideal audience of this event are senior industry professionals who can share and learn new ideas, and make connections to grow their businesses in the years ahead. Non-industry individuals will also get a chance to get hands-on experience with some of the latest mobile devices and innovative technologies around them.

There are over 20 participating Korean startups that will showcase their products and services at this year’s MWC.

Here are the few notable Korean companies that will represent the exhibition floor:

SPS Inc. (Magconn), based in Seoul, Korea, develops innovative magnetic wireless charging and data transfer technology. Magconn technology can be applied to all mobile devices and accessories since it meets both USB2.0 and USB3.0/3.1 standards. Its technology can also be applied to Tablet PC, wearable watch, outdoor jacket, iPhone & Android phone cases, accessories, Automotive accessories and Camera, boasting its diverse use cases.

DUCOgen is a joint company between Korea and Denmark that provides VR entertainment content and solutions, with strong mission to break the status quo in entertainment and education sector through VR. The company has invested heavily in creating VR entertainment services in Korea. Some of the VR services include ‘Play and Learn’ Education service, Experiential Learning and VR game for learning.

Beaconyx Inc. provides Bluetooth-based two-way mobile payment solutions throughout the world. The technology consists of BLE device and SDK for mobile app implementation, Dynamic-link library for POS(Point of Sale) terminal. The solution is interactive, enabling users to get back their bill transaction receipts and bill details immediately after making mobile payments.

To Tech for Korea readers:

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