Naver to Build Deep Learning Data Center… Attempts to Lead the AI Market


Naver plans to expand its deep learning technology and lead the artificial intelligence market. By the end of June, Naver will build a deep learning data center that integrates sources, learning algorithms, usage methods, and application results for deep learning in various forms of media such as video and image. The company aims to improve its artificial intelligence service research and development.

In addition, Naver plans to expand various deep learning based AI services such as autonomous driving, search base shopping, and object recognition, and to speed up the market preemption. External exchanges for market growth and technological improvement are also expected.

Naver has built a separate task force to work on projects that integrate big data accumulated through search service and AI technology with various user services. Deployment of this deep learning data center is expected to lead to the commercialization of various AI services and its competitiveness in the market. Deep Learning Data Center will accrue various types of search input information including text, sound, image,  video, and corresponding learned background data.

For self-driving vehicle as an example, Naver data center provides data that recognizes the image of objects around its surrounding in order to proactively respond to the risk factors.s. In addition, when an image of a specific person is given, the deep learning technology that can detect minute details including sex, age, race, and even facial expression will perform to return the optimal result that fits the user’s need. In order to raise the accuracy of the information matching technology, Naver learning data department has analyzed a large amount of data related to road situation, face recognition, and shopping. The goal is to bring the accuracy up to 100%. Users are expected to be highly satisfied with AI services including autonomous driving, face recognition, search based shopping and location based travel search.

Meanwhile, Naver is expected to focus on expanding exchange of technology in the artificial intelligence market based upon the deep learning database of its learning data center. In order to strengthen the competitiveness of artificial intelligence services and lead the market technology, the company plans to cooperate with research institutes and host contests. In April, Naver held a search colloquium for next generation AI experts to unveil AI based search technology.

Head of Naver Search KwangHyun Kim stated, “The deep learning big data center became possible through embracing the differential capability of Naver’s unique search data based AI technology.” He added, “We will strengthen artificial intelligence competitiveness under various environments and lead the establishment of a new technology platform ecosystem through external cooperation such as research institutes.”


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