Kakao Page Launches Ad Platform, ‘Cash Friends’


Kakao’s mobile content platform, Kakao Page, officially unveiled its newest advertising platform – Cash Friends.

Cash Friends is an advertising platform where users of Kakao Page can watch the contents free of charge provided that they watch the preliminary videos supplied by the advertising agencies or participating in promotional events.

Through this platform, Kakao Friends plans to make a virtual cycle among users, artists, and advertising agencies. Users can obtain Cash, which may be used to enjoy Kakao Page contents; advertising agencies can have a variety of promotional events through ads, app downloads, and membership signups. Cash is used in opening the artworks on Kakao Page, prompting artists to gain more revenue concurrently.

Cash Friends can be found on Kakao Page. Users can know their Cash quotas through ‘Today’s Cash’, and the events and ads are similar to a newsfeed. In the near future, Kakao Page plans to add more ad sharing functions and incorporate card news advertisements to strengthen its creation content. The service will also incorporate customized targeting technology based on individual users’ interests.

Kakao Page conducted its beta test on May 23rd prior to its official launch. During the beta stage, Kakao Page demonstrated its popularity – crowding over 1.52 million people in the period.

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