2MEU Inc. Launches Video Dubbing Application ‘2DUB’


Edutainment startup 2MEU Inc. has launched a video dubbing application 2DUB.


2DUB allows individuals to engage in dubbing for videos including, but not limited to, movie/drama trailers and advertisements. Users would use their voices to create their unique versions of trailers.


The service includes both Korean and English videos, which offer voice actors, practicing actors, and Korean-English speakers an opportunity to practice and improve their verbal communication. In addition, users can interact with each other and share feedbacks on each others’ dubbings.


2DUB is currently focused  on its dubbing features, but has future plans to update its  service by incorporating gaming features.

Meanwhile, 2MEU Inc. has cooperated and formed industry-academia  links with: Multi Channel Network business ‘Treasure Hunter’,  a famous YouTuber ‘KoreanBilly’, as well as  multiple Korean Universities. Furthermore, 2MEU Inc. was a finalist in this year’s The Asan Nanum Foundation Annual Startup Competition.



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