Flitto now available in 18 languages with its new ‘AI translation’ service


A translation integration platform Flitto (CEO: Jungsu Simon Lee) introduced its new ‘AI translation’ tool, an automatic translation service which is based on artificial neural network.

Users can now automatically get an artificial neural network-generated translation of an entered word or phrase, without any additional payments.

Unlike other available automatic translation services, Flitto allows users to request a better or different translation option – one of Flitto’s distinct features that systematically connects its Collective Intelligence (CI) translation services.

Furthermore, the new ‘AI translation’ service is simple to use. All the users have to do is type in a word or phrase in the search box in the latest version of Flitto app.

The app will not only provide examples of most frequently used translations but also allow users to request a better translation option upon clicking the button labeled, “In need of a better translation? Ask now.” This process is facilitated by using the same UI (user interface) with the search engine operated by the existing CI translation services, which enable the system to provide more accurate and professional results than automatic machine translations.

The beta version of ‘AI translation’ service is currently available in 18 languages, including Korean, English, Chinese (both simplified and traditional) and Japanese. Flitto plans to officially launch its updated version in September. The ‘AI translation’ service will also become available on the Flitto website later this year.

“With the newly introduced ‘AI translation’ service, Flitto lets users get different options, from simple translations to more complicated ones ,” Jungsu Simon Lee, CEO of Flitto, said, “language continues to evolve but there is clearly a limit as to what the automatic translation machines can provide us. Users now have the option to select either an automatic machine translation or human translation depending on their needs. I hope this benefits users who are looking to expand their language skills.”


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