ZIGZAG, Female Fashion Compilation Service, Reaches 7 Million Downloads

ZIGZAG reaches 7 million downloads

On June 13th, ZIGZAG’s parent company Croquis Inc. (CEO: Jung-hoon Seo) announced that it had reached 7 million cases of app downloads.

Having recorded 3 million downloads within one year since its launch in June 2015, ZIGZAG has been showing steady growth with more than 1 million downloads per quarter.

As of now, there are 3.6 million items on sale, and over 8 thousand new arrival items are introduced on a daily basis.

Last year alone, the total number of orders exceeded 4.5 million, and 18 thousand USD worth of transactions were made. This year, it has surpassed 1.5 million monthly active users (MAU), and is growing faster than last year.

2 million 20-year-old female users form the majority of ZIGZAG user population. It is well above the half of the total population of 3.2 million 20-year-old females in Korea (according to KOSIS national statistics portal).

Croquis Inc. CEO Seo Jung-hoon said, “We will provide consumers with the pleasure and convenience of shopping, and also build an efficient shopping system that enables the seller to satisfy customers from marketing to sales.” He added, “we will try our best to make the excellence of Dongdaemun clothings known to the overseas market.”

In addition, Croquis Inc. landed $6.15M investment from Korea-based VC firm Stone Bridge Capital, and Silicon Valley-based VC firm, Alto Ventures.

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