Salad Delivery Startup ‘Freshcode’ Cooperates With Ewha Womans University To Develop New Items


Foodtech startup FRESHCODE is the first Korean startup that allows customers to order salad online and pick up their order from selected locations. Recently, FRESHCODE cooperated with Ewha Womans University student interns to develop four new menus.

Nine students from the department of Food, department of Health Management, and department of Physical Education and Science, have been taking the class since March. After studying the Korean and international salad market and researching menu for a semester, the students were divided into four groups and developed four new salad dishes. Cuisine researcher Seungran Hong helped students as a consultant.

From May 22 to June 2, FRESHCODE had two weeks of beta period for introducing four new dishes and chose the most popular item as their official menu. The winning team received a small amount of royalty.

Professor Boyeon Kwon from Ewha Womans University New Technology Integration Program said “It was a great opportunity for students to learn from outside of the classroom and make a noticeable process that led to an actual product development. This has set a good example to encourage more collaborations and cooperations between startups and universities.”

FRESHCODE started its beta service ‘Salad Attack’  last August. After selling more than a thousand plates of its signature dish ‘Chicken Breast Almond Salad’,  it officially launched in October. Even after its official launch, FRESHCODE only served one menu for lunch time delivery but sold more than 5,000 plates in six months. In April, it launched its second dish, “Tofu Almond Salad”. This new dish marks as FRESHCODE’s third item since its launch.

Yikyung Yu, marketing director of  FRESHCODE, who also served as the main mentor of the class, remarked that instead of releasing several items at once, FRESHCODE plans to only release an item that fits the company’s concept and optimizes kitchen operation. “The new menu we developed with Ewha students reflects our brand philosophy and identity. We tried to induce students to come up with an item that uses more than 50% of our existing menu’s ingredients,” Yu said.

Yooseok Jeong, CEO of FRESHCODE said “We didn’t expect our new menu to become this popular. It was surprising to see that the new dish, sophisticated as it is,  received overwhelmingly positive customer response. The contest only lasted for two weeks but the orders have increased by 150%. The existing customers are voluntarily ordering all four new dishes and giving us their feedbacks. Some customers have been even requesting some of the dishes they want, asking us to launch them as well.”

FRESHCODE allows customers to order salad online and request a delivery service for their orders.. It currently uses two delivery systems :  a hub and spoke system that uses its own “FCO Spot” and third  party delivery system. The company also develops and makes salad from its own kitchen. Currently, FRESHCODE is in the process of researching a new technology to establish a more efficient and convenient order and delivery system.

Starting from three FCO Spots last October, FRESHCODE currently operates 22 FCO Spots. Their sales have increased by 10 times as well. Since  June, FRESHCODE started early-morning delivery service and expanded its delivery area to attract more customers. The company plans to launch at least four new items and expand to 50 FCO Spots by the end of the year.




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