‘BRATVILLAGE’ Launches AI Service For Interior Designing

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O2O interior concierge startup BRATVILLAGE (Sungmin BANG, CEO) has launched its interior designing AI, ‘Dr.Haus’,  on June 13.

Dr.Haus searches for  an appropriate interior design firm based on customers’ needs and preferences. With respect to consumer demands, Dr.Haus provides concierge service to facilitate  moving, cleaning, and space utilisation. In addition, the service doesn’t require additional setups or registration, but instead is easily accessible using KakaoTalk alone.

BRATVILLAGE has stated “Previous  interior service firms required additional downloads and registration procedures to reduce marketing costs through customer database collection. However, Dr.Haus has removed the database collection procedures to provide a more accessible and convenient  service for the consumers.”

BRATVILLAGE CEO Sungmin BANG has stated “Dr.Haus saves the consumer’s time in the process of self-interior designing”, and has further remarked that “through the launch of the AI service, consumers will enjoy quicker procedures with automated inquiry algorithms.”

Meanwhile, BRATVILLAGE plans to grow and diversify its business in order to provide services for space optimisation and efficient furniture placements. The company also  hopes to develop Dr.Haus into a home club service that would  continually manage and allocate its customers’ spaces.

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