LUXROBO, Bagel Labs, Lulu Lab …  to Light Up the Hey Startup Global Demo Day


Robot module platform company LUXROBO (CEO: Oh Sang-hoon) won the Hey Startup! Global Festival Global Demonstration Day.

Hey Startup! Global Festival was co-hosted by Seoul Metropolitan City and the private start-up community ‘Startup, Have you eaten’ at Hangnyeoul Settech on June 17th.

First day’s main event was the Global Demonstration Day. After preliminaries, 9 domestic and 1 foreign teams made it to the final competition. The teams selected include LUXROBO (Robotics), IPL (Robotics), MESH KOREA (Logistics), Novn (Travel), 3Billion(Health Care), Bagle-Labs(IoT), AMADAS (IoT), Ripplebuds (IoT), Lulu Lab (IoT), and Pium (IoT).

Demo Day was conducted in the form of competition. Each team was given 10 minutes to explain the business vision and the growth potential. The judges include Silicon Valley Accelerating company 500Startup, Spain’s largest investor Wira, French VC Corelia Capital, Korean company builder Future Play, and more.

Winning the first place, LUXROBO has a modular robot platform with a high degree of completeness and usability, equipped with a proprietary micro-OS that can be used in a wide variety of applications. The company developed ‘MODI,’ a modular robot platform equipped with a micro OS that allows its user to easily create products through its various functions such as LED, speaker, infrared, microphone, motor, and gravity sensor.

Recognized for its technological prowess and global possibilities, LUXROBO received KRW 4 billion from Kakao Investment and Kakao Brain earlier this month and attracted 1.5 billion KRW from Hanwha Investments last August. The company won a prize of 30 million KRW for winning the demo day.

Bagel Labs (CEO: Park Soo-hong) and Lulu-Lab (CEO: Choi Yong-joon) were ranked second and third, respectively. Bagel Labs develops a smart tape measure, and Lulu-Lab develops a customized cosmetic recommendation solution through skin condition analysis.

On the same day, a preliminary business competition was held for elementary school students. Students who made it to the main competition after the online preliminaries were awarded the Grand Prize of the City of Seoul regardless of the ranking.

Hey Startup! Global festival will continue until June 18th.


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