English learning app Superfan reached 500,000 fans in 6 months


Super Fan, an English education app, has reached 500,000 users within the first 6 months of its release.

Since the initial release in December, the app went viral and has kept its rank as the no. 1 educational app since January.

Super Fan bases its contents on 2,500 popular Youtube footages of English speaking celebrities’ movies, tv shows, talk shows, and music videos, and therefore has high popularity among women in their 20’s to 30’s. The app instantly creates new feeds upon the users’ selection of their favorite celebrities, and it even offers related feeds section.

Its goal is to develop a subtle ‘tool’ where the audience engages in entertaining listening/speaking English lessons without feeling tedious, like conventional language practice drills.

Super Fan utilizes mobile app’s advantages of short interval interactions with its users. The entertaining commentaries and captions; the speaking and writing test services; and many of its high quality interface and games appeal to the users trying to kill time. It is not as demanding as other English learning programs and also allows users to subscribe without much burden for sense of obligation.

Qualson’s CEO Park commented, “From just speaking exercises, we wish to expand our service to listening and grammar exercises and for all ages including children.”


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