The Launch of MAEMI, An SNS App for Neighborhood Fact-based Story Sharing

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On June 20th, start-up MAEMI announced the launch of its social networking service app that allows users to easily share fact-focused stories of their neighborhoods. Whereas Twitter provides users the option to share their location before posting a tweet, MAEMI requires its users to provide their location information upon registration.

With its motto “hidden truths, let’s share new truths around me!” MAEMI strives to provide a variety of real-time, fact-based stories, with vivid imagery and sounds, to its users. Stories range from simple daily events to more notable occasions such as in festivals, sports venues, travel destinations, holidays resorts, etc.

MAEMI also provides its users the option to select and subscribe to only their favorite users and is looking to enter into the global market. As of now, MAEMI can be accessed on PC, Google Play, and Apple App Store.

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