MCN Creator Coloring App Sandbox Color Popular Among Teenagers


Sandbox Network officially launched its coloring app ‘Sandbox Color’ on  Google Play Store. Sandbox Color is a coloring application where users can paint Sandbox Network characters from their phones and tablets.

Popular among teenage users, Sandbox Color placed first in the entertainment category and 14th in total. An insider attributes its unusual success to the creator’s intellectual property.  

Currently, there are nine creators available on Sandbox Color: ddotty, Sleepground, Chochou, Cocoa, Heptagram, LEON Suhyen, MariAndFriends, WWPW and Maybe TV. After the update, the app plans to welcome more than 18 new creators. Since the application is based on collaboration among creators, each creator brings a unique color to the app, playing a critical role in differentiating  the app from others.  

Sandbox Network is currently receiving positive feedbacks  in terms of its effective usage of  creator’s IP in digital business. Last February, Sandbox Network released ‘Sandbox Run’, the first game in MCN industry to use creator’s IP and ranked third in ‘Free Game Downloads’ category.


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