Travel Startup ‘myRealTrip’ Reaches 10,000 Deals!


Travel startup myRealTrip (Lee, CEO) is  the first company in the Korean ‘tour and activities’ sector to reach over 10,000 travel products.

In addition to providing tour guidance, myRealTrip  offers various deals and services, such as  local activities, entrance tickets, transportation tickets, airtel (see definition below), accommodations, and rental cars, across 64 countries and 400 cities.

The main products include: 6500 travel guides, 2100 entrance and transportation tickets, 1300 activities and local experiences, and 100 airtel and rental cars. myRealTrip’s main service regions are: Europe, South East Asia, USA, Japan, with 4500 deals, 1700 deals, 1600 deals, 720 deals respectively. Furthermore, there are over 3000 products that can be purchased right away  using  the ‘instant reservation service’.

Among the 67,000 travel reviews last month,  family travel reviews were the majority with over 15,000 reviews, including  about 10,000 consumers who traveled  with their parents- the trend shows increasing preference for family travelling.

Lee (CEO, myRealTrip) has stated “not only have we been striving  for the growth in the quantity but also, more importantly, for the improvement in the quality of our services.  In this regard, we can confidently say that our products are only offered after going through a rigorous auditing process in order to provide our customers the best quality of products.” He further added  “we will continue to provide unique contents by prioritizing our consumers’ satisfaction.

Meanwhile, myRealTrip is providing seasonal offers in preparation for the peak season. Offers include,: up to 8% cashback service, Kookmin bank priority currency exchange service, and 10,000 KRW accumulation fund in the Shilla Duty Free Shop.





Airtel: A travel package including only airplane and hotel reservations to allow users to plan their own trips. (etymology of the word: Airport + Hotel = Airtel)



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