Kakao holds its new ‘Kakao Code Festival’

kako coding

Kakao (CEO Lim Ji Hoon) has opened registration for its new programming competition, “Kako Code Festival.” Kakao code festival is an event for any graduate and undergraduate students interested in programming algorithms to participate without any restriction on grade and major. The event is held to increase social awareness in coding and to build realistic coding experience to future developers. Being the first event held after the merger, Kakao plans to hold events with variety topics and format for future developers and current developers to share technical experience and knowledge.

Students who wish to participate need to apply by 6pm Friday September 4th on the official homepage (https://kakaocode.com).

Participants will be required to create a source code (C++ or Java) based on the algorithm questions given by Kakao developers and coding experts. The online preliminary will be held on September 5th Saturday and top 100 will move on to the offline finals on 9/9 at a location to be disclosed after the preliminary on the official website.

The prizes are as follows: first place with 5,000,000 won (1 winner), second place with 3,000,000 won (2 winners), third place with 2,000,000 won (3 winners) and so on. 21 finalists will be receiving a total of 20 million won. All finalists will have the benefit of being exempt from document screening and coding test when applying for a position at Kakao. Finalist with high scores will have the opportunity to participate at the kakao intern program.

“With the start of this event, Kakao will be holding regular events for developers,” said CTO Shin Jung-hwan. “I hope for high participation from students with coding interests.”


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