Traveling with Your Pet has Never Been This Easy



In Korea, pets are considered as family members, but they are not allowed in most of the facilities and services. Therefore, people who raise companion animal have difficulty fulfilling their passion for travel.

Pets Go Travel (CEO Tae Gyu Lee) launched Petsgo, a mobile application that supports users to travel with their companion animal.

Petsgo provides information about the nearby places such as campgrounds, guest houses, park, coastal areas and restaurants where pets are allowed. In addition, by providing the filter search function such as the size of the companion animal, users who raise the middle or large sized animals can check whether their pets are allowed or not at a certain place. Users can also check whether the facility has a private pool available for their pet.

Petsgo CEO Tae Gyu Lee commented, “I want to enable our users to make good memories with their pets as they are a friend and a family member. In addition to providing information, we will extend our service to vehicle rental service and activity booking platform that helps users to build intimate relationship with their companion animal.”

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