Newsy Stock launches “Gen Expert”, P2P Investment Expert Network Platform


Newsy Stock (뉴지스탁), a Robo Adviser platform, announced on June 23rd that it will soon launch a P2P investment platform service called Zen Expert (젠문가).

Zen Expert allows individuals to create their own ‘robo advisor’ by turning their investment strategy into algorithms. The robo advisor then will act as an investment specialist who provides personal portfolio strategy and investment guide for other individual investors.

Zen Expert service will provide an algorithm-based reading service that eliminates subjective human components like emotions. In order to help users understand how to trade using the robo advisor, Zen Expert will use online broadcast as well as text messaging to help them guide the trading process.

In particular, GenPort, which is the foundation of Zen Expert service and GenTrader, an automated trading program, is attracting attention from the trading market because it can auto-manage their assets based on the strategy they set beforehand.

Kim Sung-jin, who was the ex-CEO of Europe at Nexon, will serve as the Zen Expert and will be the first guest speaker on a public broadcast: “Secret to successful investment using robo advisor.”

“I used GenPort to reduce my time to invest and validated my investment strategy. As a result, I was able to earn stable profits over time. Based on this experience, I would like to help other individual investors develop their own algorithms,” said Kim.

The online broadcast will be available for viewing for 2 hours from 7PM on June 28 on the Newsy stock website and on the mobile app. The fundamentals of the robot advisor and the practical investment methods will be the two primary discussion points.

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