Zamong Contents Funding – a life changer for online content creators


Media Zamong (Zamong) announced the launch of its service, Zamong Contents Funding (“Funding”) during the Vidcon 2017 held in the U.S.

Zamong Contents Funding is a crowdfunding platform for (content) creators to receive support and funding from their fans.  Its goal is not only to raise fund for creators but also to discover new talents,  and to provide a supportive atmosphere for them.

Zamong introduced its new Funding, and consulted for future collaborations with renowned media related companies including a multi channel network, Fullscreen; global agency, CAA; distribution company, New Form Digital; and SNS, Musically.

CEO of Zamong commented, “We will actively assist the creators and media companies through their productions. With the growth of the contents market , more jobs will hopefully be created.”

As for Vidcon 2017, this was the eighth conference. Sponsored by media and content related companies such as Youtube, Disney, Adobe, and Sennheiser, Vidcon invites renowned creators, and their fans, and professionals in the industry to share the trend and contents  of online videos.


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Thomas Kim is a support staff member for a multinational law firm in DC. With a B.A. in political science from The George Washington University, he is interested in startup policies and has been involved in a number of cases including a research role at the department of entrepreneurship at GWU. (Though he has no formal education in technology, he considers himself a self-taught mobile apps expert through his active use of various different dating apps.)


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