Neospring Launches ‘Crowdfunding Platform’ Beta Service


Neospring’ (CEO, Seok Pyo KIM) announced the launch of its product, ‘Crowdfunding Platform Neospring’, which helps startups connect with crowdfunding investors.


The crowdfunding service includes a diverse range of features and tools that allow the users to easily register for the service and better understand crowdfunding.


‘Crowdfunding Consulting Service’ provides an opportunity for startups from all different stages of development to receive consultation from field expert consultants.


‘Mock Crowdfunding Competition ’ has equivalent rules and mechanics to real-life crowdfunding. While the competition allows startups to promote their companies and look for  potential investors it additionally allows  investors to search for potential investees – providing a non-zero sum game for both parties.


‘Startup Growth Story’ records the development of startups, allowing  investors and firms to communicate and build trust for one another and develop  in mutual growth of the firm and the investor. In addition, startups can promote their services and attract potential investors, and vice versa.


Neospring CEO, Seok Pyo KIM stated that “Neospring, in cooperation with many partner organisations, aims to be the solid foundation and the platform to guide and help aspiring startups to survive through the Death valley period, and hopes to provide  an environment where startups and investors build mutual trust through active communication.”


Meanwhile, Neospring has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a number of investment institutions and has conducted numerous simulated crowdfunding contests in order to  confirm startups’ hidden potentials.


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