WEDIT: Plan Your Small Wedding on Your Mobile

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Mobile wedding planning platform WEDIT (CEO Han Shin) has completed 20,000 couples’ requests since its web service launch in August 2016.

WEDIT is the only small wedding planning platform in Korea that connects users with wedding vendors, such as venues, photographers, makeup artists, dress shops and planners, helping couples efficiently plan a customized wedding of their style.

Contrary to the traditional weddings of Korea where couples invite a large number of guests and are involved with various costly customs, more couples are looking to have small weddings (i.e. <100 guests) today. The high prices of planning a wedding is driving an increasing number of today’s couples to plan smaller, more intimate weddings with close friends and family.

The trend of having small weddings is relatively new and thus finding appropriate vendors can be challenging. WEDIT solves this by connecting users with more than 150 wedding vendors capable of planning customized small weddings.

Wedding vendors in the existing market generally do not publicize their prices, and there has been no adequate platform for couples to attain information on vendors. As people are becoming increasingly reliant on searching and comparing prices on the Internet, WEDIT proves to be eye-opening to future brides who seek organized information with more transparency in prices.

CEO Han Shin comments that “the value of WEDIT lies on the reviews from real brides and grooms, which helps couples set realistic expectations and attain practical information more conveniently.”

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