ntels Leads Investment in Mobile Asset Management Startup Habit Factory

Habit Factory

On June 30th, Habit Factory (CEO Dongik Lee, Yoonho Jung) announced that it has raised an investment from ntels and KB Investment.

Founded in 2016, Habit Factory has been operating a smart coaching service Signal that analyzes the personal consumption pattern to help consumers to spend reasonably. This is Habit Factory’s second time raising investment after the first seed investment conducted by KB Securities in early 2016.

Signal enables users to easily and effectively manage their assets via smartphone based on the expenditure records, account receipts, loans, insurance and P2P internet banking data extracted from 846 financial companies, 4593 call numbers and 10,000 pattern data.

Dong-gyu Kim, Director of ntels who led the investment commented, “Habit Factory proved its technology and teamwork by launching the service and becoming a consumer analysis solution supplier for major players such as KB Securities, KB Card, LGU+ and Hyundai Card in only one year.” KB Investment, a joint investment company, commented, “KB Financial Group highly values Habit Factory’s potential in consumer analysis business, and therefore mounted Signal service on Liiv-mate, an integrated membership platform of KB Card.”

Dong-ik Lee, CEO of Habit Factory, commented, “We will enhance our service and expand our business by investing this fund into marketing and recruitment.”

Meanwhile, Habit Factory has been selected as the “TIPS (Tech Incubator Program for Startups)” program operated by the Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) in 2017, and will receive R&D fund up to 500,000 USD in the next two years.

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