Salted Venture Officially Launches IOFIT Smart Golf Shoes


Salted Venture announced the release of IOFIT, which will be available to the public on July 3rd.

IOFIT is a solution that combines a coaching app and smart wearable shoes using pressure sensors embedded under the shoe soles. It can provide accurate real-time analysis of one’s balance measured via its sensor.

Salted Venture CEO Hyungjin Cho stated, “In the past, one had to receive costly coaching lessons or buy overpriced equipments for professional feedback and golfing posture analysis. Now, with a pair of shoes and a mobile app, one can improve golfing skills efficiently and effectively.”

Unlike popular smart shoes available in the market today, which are oriented around the concept of running, IOFIT is the first smart shoes that measures one’s balance, thereby attracting much of international media attention.

Salted Venture is Samsung Electronic’s first spin-off startup through Creative Lab, Samsung’s in-house venture program. With a vision to improve physical well-being of the public through smart shoes, the company was established in August 2015.

IOFIT has won various awards of prestige, including 2017 CES Innovation Award and a ISPO Gold Winner in the category of Health & Fitness. In August 2016, IOFIT successfully funded over 300% of its goal through Kickstarter crowd funding in the US.

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