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A healthcare & rehabilitation technology solution startup company NEOFECT (CEO: Ho Young Bahn) has won the ‘Caregiver quality of Life’ category at AARP Innovation Champion Awards with its innovative Rapael Smart Glove, a smart medical device that helps patients with neurological and musculoskeletal disorder.

AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) is a non-profit organization that aims to protect the rights and interests of American retirees, as well as their healthcare and post employment support. With about 38 million members, AARP is currently the biggest retiree community in the world.

This year’s AARP award submissions were accepted in six categories: Health & Safety Awareness, Care Coordination, Transition Support, Social Well-Being, Caregiver Quality of Life and Daily Essential Activities. In addition, consumer preference, design, uniqueness, benefits, technical skills, business model and safety were also taken into consideration.

AARP has estimated that about 117 million people would need medical care by 2020, while the number of caregivers are expected to only reach 45 million. Thus, AARP Innovation Champion Awards Event provides a great opportunity to expand the scope of ways to assist caregivers and patients.

The AARP award winner Rapael Smart Glove is designed to help patients practice their rehabilitation training at home by providing an individually customized schedule and training sessions. This smart device can automatically adjust the level of intensity based on doctor’s recommendations and patient’s health conditions and conducts a simple survey after each training session to provide a more personalized training program based on individual needs and preference. Each training session usually lasts 30 minutes for one set.

NEOFECT explains that gamification of training sessions can give greater motivation to the patients and further facilitate the rehabilitation process. For example, the patient needs to complete one full session of training to attain three stars, and based on each session’s average level of achievement, the patient receives gold-silver-bronze medal. Many of the training sessions include everyday-life activities, such as typing words on keyboard and handwriting. Rapael Smart Glove has already reached 150 users since its release in the U.S. last January and will be launched in Korea later in August.

Ho Young Bahn, CEO of NEOFECT, commented that “our company not only strives to provide a better environment for rehabilitation but also intends to reduce the financial burden on patients all around the world so that they can afford to live a better quality of life.”

AARP Innovation Awards: https://innovationaward.aarp.org/innovationaward



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