Hairstyle VR Application ‘Hair Fit’ Launched


Hair Fit, a hairstyle information service, has been launched to provide users with a hands-on experience so they can find a hairstyle that best fits them.

Hair Fit’s target users are those who are worried about their hairstyle. Once you upload your photo, you will be able to simulate various types of hairstyle to see if you like any of your imaginary hairstyles. Hair Fit is different from its competitors because its technology provides a live motion to create a more natural and lively image to enhance user’s virtual experience.

The company will send you a magazine that contains various hairstyle information including the latest hairstyle trend, celebrities’ new hairstyle, and trendy dye color with virtual experience function 5 times a week.

In addition, Hair Fit recommends the hairstyle that will be a good fit for you, inform what brand of dye product that famous designers use, show reviews of famous brands and enable you to visualize and compare what hairstyle and color fit you the best.

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