ab180 attracts 1.3B USD Investments from GS SHOP


ab180 revealed that it recently attracted 1.3B USD investment from GS SHOP on June 30th. ab180 is a data company that owns a mobile application marketing analysis tool airbridge.

ab180 collects real-time mobile application user behavior data, analyzes the collected metrics and provides advertisement achievement reports. The service is especially welcomed by marketers, considering the closed environments of most mobile applications. Following this feat, ab180 received seed investment from Futureplay, a technology company builder, only 3 months after its establishment. In April 2016, the company won the title of TIPS(Technology Innovator Program for Startup). As of 2017, ab180 provides real-time user behavior data utilizing the SDK installed on over 20 million devices through 230 clients including gmarket and AUCTION.

JuBong Lee from GS SHOP Department of Venture Investments commented, “ab180 has high expertise in technology centered around its young engineers. Compared to its competitors, the company shows especially high competence, and we believe the company can rapidly grow its influence in the field of data-centered marketing.”

SungPil Nam from ab180 stated, “ab180 specializes in the cross-platform matching technology that collects and classifies fragmented user behavior data into advertisements.” He added, “Through this investment, we aim to enhance the quality of service and reinforce the human resources of our company. ab180 hopes to develop and introduce the next generation marketing intelligence analysis.”

Image Source: ab180

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