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Through DataPlanet, one can easily access a variety of data owned by individuals and institutions to produce interactive charts.

As a corollary of South Korea’s new paradigm drive, Government 3.0, public data is now open to public access. With this, practical agencies and companies, such as Korea’s Open Data Portal, Seoul Open Data Plaza and Naver DataLab, have been actively taking advantage of this opportunity.

In order to ameliorate the limitations of prior data platform, DataPlanet provides ‘processed’ data that is accessible for civic institutions and the public. Supoorted by both PC and mobile, interactive and responsive visualization materials, such as charts, maps and grids, are provided as a service. It is also easy to share and distribute these materials on websites and personal blogs.

Entering the desired keyword at the site of DataPlanet, one is given only the relevant contents among various and huge data. It is worth noting that data can be found based on different themes such as economy, technology, society, health, culture, and education. Users then can create their own data charts intuitively and easily without complex coding. These data charts can be shared and distributed free of charge.

The interactive movement of the chart is also intriguing. Depending on the user’s mouse click or mobile touch, the desired part of the chart moves vividly. There are currently about 30 kinds of distinct charts available to the users.

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