Trost: Revolutionizing Mental Health Care Online


Humart Company, Inc. (주 휴마트컴퍼니), which provides an online mental health coaching service called Trost, announced raising USD 500,000 from K-Cube Ventures and KAIST Ventures.

Trost enables professional counselors to provide mental health support to users via online messaging. The service brings counseling experience to an online platform, breaking the common barrier in people’s views of seeking mental health support.

Mental health including depression is a topic of worth discussing in today’s environment. While there has been an increase in the number of people with depression, there has not been much change in people seeking counseling, due to prevalent negativity in societal views of psychological counseling. Trost seeks to fill this gap: it preserves the professional element of counseling while making it more easily accessible to everyone.

Trost is also available to businesses by providing online Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).

The company is currently utilizing big data to develop an “emotion analysis solution,” where users can receive customized counseling sessions and tailored programs. Humart Company’s  CEO Kim Dong Hyun notes that “mental health counseling allows everyone to overcome all kinds of challenges in their daily lives through professional help.” He also comments that his goal is to make “mental health” a topic that is more widely accepted and discussed in Korea as it is in the U.S. or Europe.

K-Cube Ventures partner Chung Shin Ah says that the company is excited to see how Trost, through online/mobile, will change the mental health service realm that is currently costly and inaccessible in this stress-filled modern time.

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