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A social network platform ‘shareNcare’ (CEO: Sung-jin HWANG, Seok-young YIM) is a service that lets consumers directly donate to socially and economically marginalized neighbors through their purchases made.

More than 20% of the purchased price goes to charity when consumers buy daily necessities or household items from shareNcare. With this ‘donation through consumption’ service mission, shareNcare intends to come up with more high-quality products and share stories that would lead to greater consumptions.

“Our main focus is to share stories with a wider audience through SNS in order to promote our products’ values. With a set percentage of the proceeds going to charity, the company intends to initiate a virtuous cycle between customers’ spendings and donations,” CEO Hwang commented.

The company further seeks to create an open and positive environment for donations by directly reaching out to individuals and communities that need financial support and encouraging more daily consumptions by the customers.

ShareNcare has so far secured 2 billion Korean-won (approx. 1,770,660 USD) for donations. Anyone who is willing to donate can participate in shareNcare campaign through SNS.


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