Aftergrowth Launches Its Beta Version of Disco, A Real Estate Information Provider


Aftergrowth has released its beta version of Disco, a service that provides detailed real estate information and transaction data. The beta version, supported both on the web and mobile, includes 12,449,836 cases of land and building transactions based on public data, and it has an intuitive, map-based user interface along with advanced search capabilities. While online services that provide similar real estate information for apartments and buildings in certain regions do exist, Aftergrowth’s Disco differentiates itself by supplying big data for all properties across the country.

Founded in 2016, Aftergrowth is a startup consisting of appraisers, real estate agents, and IT personnel from the portal and game industry. Through its combination of real estate and IT, Aftergrowth aims to solve the information asymmetry problem that is considered to be a key issue in the market.

Igor Kang, CEO of Aftergrowth, commented, “We plan to provide the current price of all real estate nationwide through big data analysis, and we will expand the scope of our services to include advanced analysis and financial information needed by investors. We will further introduce a new way of linking transaction demands beyond simply exposing your property information.”


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