Naver Officially Launches Papago, Expands Up To 5000 Characters


Naver Inc. (CEO: Seungsook Han) officially released its AI-based translation service Papago. Compared to its beta version, the newly launched, official version can translate up to 5000 characters and supports PC version as well.

Papago’s artificial neural network translation technology can currently translate Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and French. Papago also partnered with Hyundai Department Store, Shinsegae Duty Free, GS25, KEB Hana Bank, presidential security service, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and others to provide professional translation and interpretation.

For Papago’s official version, it expanded its character limit up to 5000 characters. Previously in its beta version, artificial neural network could only translate 200 characters maximum. The expansion will improve user experience by being able to translate long sentences such as news article, thesis and email.

Moreover, Naver is reflecting user opinion by releasing a PC version as well. Artificial neural network will translate up to 5,000 characters for its PC version, just like the mobile application. There will be additional features for PC users in the future.

Papago improved its design concept for the official version. Based on the color-menu structure that received positive feedback from its beta version, Papago implemented a similar clear icon format. Listening to users’ feedback, the official version allows users to read phonetic transcription and listen to pronunciation.

Junsuk Kim, leader of Papago project revealed that Papago is preparing to expand including Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Indonesian and Thai for the later half of the year. He added that Papago is strengthening its artificial neural network translation technology to provide more accurate translation to its users.


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