“Which Credit Card Should I Use?” FINDA and Viva Republica to Release Credit Card Curation Service Targeted for Millennials


On July 14th, Financial product recommendation platform FINDA (CEO: HyeMin Lee) revealed that the company will start a credit card curation service targeted for the customers in their 20s and 30s with Viva Republica (CEO: HongMin Park), the management firm for mobile money transfer application Toss.

This curation service recommends credit cards under different themes such as public transportation, shopping, dating and travelling to fit the life patterns of the target customers.

The service’s strength is that its recommendations are based upon current users’ detailed card review. Customers have an opportunity to read realistic reviews from other users of the card, to find out benefits and to compare multiple credit cards based on their lifestyle and financial status.

FINDA and Toss realized that although millennials are interested in investment techniques, they often lack the knowledge of their financial status or available financial products in the market. Therefore,Toss, the biggest mobile money transfer company in the country, collaborated with FINDA, which recommends the optimal product to its customers, to release this curation service.

HyeMin Lee from FINDA stated, “FINDA was able to release this credit card curation service by catching the needs of millennials who wants to find the most appropriate financial product for them.” She added, “We will continue to develop our recommendation algorithm and reach out to even wider range of customers with accessible service.”

Image Source: FINDA

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