Vitamiin: Finding Your Honest Vitamins


Seven AM Co. (㈜세븐에이엠; CEO Kim Sang Yeon) announced the release of its Android app Vitamiin, a consumer health food recommendation and review sharing service.

Vitamiin seeks to solve the existing prevalence of information incongruity driven by exaggerated advertisements of health foods in today’s health supplements market.

The company categorizes functional foods by brand, product, consumer segment and effects on the Vitamiin app, enabling a “smart search” feature for users. The app allows users to compare nutritional values of all products, especially displaying detailed differences in ingredients for comparable products.

Users can also openly share their feedback and reviews on the app. Vitamiin’s review rating system enables users to seek objective product reviews. Furthermore, for various health and food related content, users can visit the “Vita Wiki” section.

When first downloaded, the app prompts a 10+ essential health survey of the user, including age, sex, daily activity levels, etc. This allows the app to provide a more personalized and customized experience for its users.

CEO Kim Sang Yeon notes: “Given an aging population, worsening pollution and increasing illnesses, people are ever more concerned with their health today. We hope Vitamiin allows everyone to make smarter health choices by finding functional foods that work for them. We plan to continuously enhance our algorithms to develop and sell customized supplements.”

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