Classting Learning for Better Learning Experience for Students


Classting, an educational technology company, announced the release of its learning management service, ‘Classting Learning.’

Classting Learning is a service that hits two birds with one stone. A student can use a variety of mobile devices to learn appropriate educational contents provided by the instructors. On the other hand, instructors can monitor a student’s learning performance, gauged on criteria such as attitudes and accomplishments, whereby teachers can manage students more effectively. Educational companies from all over the world have provided over 8,000 educational contents, on top of the learning materials individually developed and shared by instructors.

Students can choose to study a diverse set of subjects and problems on a desktop or a mobile. Parents can also refer to their child’s performance for better educational management. Instructors can use students performance  information to design  a more personalized learning program for each student. Multiple-choices are immediately graded, and via statistical reports on each subjects, instructors can analyze a student’s strengths and weaknesses. The service aims to be able to partially grade descriptive problems for instant feedback.

Classting CEO Dave H. Cho stated, “There is an increasing demand for more efficient learning management from both students and teachers. In order for students to learn independently and effectively, accessibility and personalized management are imperative. Furthermore, instructors need more practical data analysis and management tools to oversee the performance of the entire class.” He also added, “Classting Learning is a promising tool that will enhance the learning management and experience for both students and teachers.”

Since its beta service, which launched in 2012, there have been more than 4 million users on Classting. In addition, 51% of the primary school teachers in Korea and 14,5000 schools currently use Classting.

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