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AMBUS, INC. (CEO: Kiwoon Na) officially announced on July 17th the launching of Mojito, an online chatting application with a new concept of “audible” chatting that aims to help users learn English more quickly and easily.

Mojito provides an environment where users can use English in everyday setting. Because users are online chatting instead of having an actual conversation, they feel much more comfortable conversing in English as they can take their time to think about phrases they learned and apply them.

Mojito differentiates itself from other chatting applications because of its distinct feature of  “audible” chatting. While other apps only allow users to exchange texts while chatting , Mojito enables users to send texts and also listen to the received messages. Mojito has built-in TTS (Text to Speech) feature that allows users to improve their writing and listening skills at the same time. According to the developer, it helps users to understand a sentence by an audible sound. This solves a common problem for Koreans who often try to read and understand a sentence by translating each word.

Furthermore, since Mojito users chat about topics they are interested in, instead of following a structured curriculum, they are more motivated to learn.

CEO Na explained the behind-the-scenes story of developing Mojito by saying: “To master any language including English requires time to both learn the language and apply what you’ve learned. However, many  English-related products or services tend to only focus on learning the language, not on applying what you learned”. He also revealed that Mojito is planning to expand to Chinese and Japanese in the future.

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