3billion Wins 1776 Challenge Cup Seoul


3billion recently won 1776 Challenge Cup Seoul and will represent South Korea at the Global Final at Challenge Festival. 1776 Challenge Cup is a global competition to select the world’s most promising startups tackling complex, regulated challenges to share their vision on a global stage. The competition holds regional competitions in 75 cities around the world to compete at its Global Challenge.

A total of 15 teams were chosen to compete in Seoul Challenge. Each team was given 2 minutes to pitch their ideas and was evaluated based on originality of the idea and the business model. 3billion’s vision to addresses the diagnostic odyssey of rare disease patients by affordable direct to patient rare disease screening service was chosen as the winning idea. “We are thrilled for the opportunity to pitch at the Global Challenge Festival in New York” said DH Park, co-founder of 3billion. “We want to use this opportunity to build network and launch our product in the US.”

As the winner of Seoul challenge, 3billion will represent South Korea at Global Challenge Festival. It will compete with 75 other teams from around the world for the 1st place grand prize. Global Challenge Festival convenes investors, innovators, and policymakers from across the globe to examine and discuss global challenges. This year’s event will be hosted November 13- 17 in New York.

Read more about 3billion here.

About 3billion

3billion provides comprehensive rare disease screening service to end the diagnostic odyssey of rare disease patients. Using whole exome sequencing, 3billion screens for over 4,800 rare diseases from the patient’s saliva sample. Through its service, 3billion aims to build the largest rare disease genome database to work with pharmaceutical companies to drive treatment discovery process. To learn more visit http://3billion.io.

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