You’re Not Alone: Babyfriends for New Moms


After eight months of investment promotion since last November, Babyfriends – a social community network service for parents raising infants or young children – has finally launched its updated version.  

As many of the users consist of mothers in their 20s or 30s, Babyfriends has aimed to meet with the satisfaction of these millennials who want immediate feedbacks and answers. Thus, by employing an intuitive user interface (UI) and real-time communication system, Babyfriends provides a location-based offline community space where parents can freely interact and exchange information with one another.

Based on the past 4 billion images and user data collected by the beta version, as well as the application of a more elaborate algorithm to the system, the new version of Babyfriends offers user-optimized contents and virtual space where users can create their own community depending on their needs.

“Through the past beta version, we have witnessed the growing needs of first-time mothers and therefore have launched an update in order to fulfill these needs with an improved service,” CEO Min-hee Ryu commented. She added, “We hope to see our users’ continued love and support of our service and in return, we will be regularly updating Babyfriends.”


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