Hwahae Places First in the Korean Beauty App Category


Hwahae, a cosmetics analysis and review app, overwhelmingly dominated the beauty category for the Korean Android market, according to recent findings by Wise App and App Ape, providers of market data and user data analysis for apps. For the month of June, Wise App found that among Korea’s 1.88 million users of beauty apps on Google Play, about half (approximately 910k) used Hwahae. KakaoHairShop and Glow Pick placed second and third, with 390k and 240k users respectively. Similarly, App Ape reported that among Korea’s 3 million users of beauty apps, nearly 2 million were users of Hwahae. Memebox and Glow Pick placed second and third, with 800k and 400k users respectively. In the Android market, Hwahae is ranked 199th, KakaoHairShop 431st, and Glow Pick 618th.

Yoon-jin Jung, Director of the BirdView’s marketing team (providers of Hwahae), commented “Both of the analysis conducted were for the Android market alone, but inclusion of the iOS market reveals more than 4.9 million Hwahae users in total. Since its launch four years ago, Hwahae has consistently placed first in the beauty category. We will continue our efforts to ensure that Hwahae maintains its position as an essential app for users of cosmetics.”

Inspired by: Platum                                                                                                                                                      Photo by: platum.kr

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