SOCAR in Statistics: 10 Million Bookings and More

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SOCAR, a car sharing service company comparable to Zipcar, has accumulated 10 million bookings for the first time in the car sharing industry.

SOCAR introduced a sharing economy model to the country and settled a car sharing culture that is easily accessible to anybody just like any other public transportations such as bus, metro, or taxi.

As a result,  total bookings for the service transcended 10 million as of last month. This is an achievement SOCAR achieved from its 6 years of service, and indicates how quickly car sharing service is gaining popularity in the country.

Some more interesting statistics related to this accomplishment were announced.

The mileage covered by the 10 million bookings amounts to 420 million kilometers, which is equivalent to the distance of 552 round trips to the moon. 10,029 cars were used, which a pile of medium sedans would equal to 14,441 meters, or 1.6 times the height of Mount Everest. The total amount of gas used is 36 million liters which is enough to fill up 123 Airbus A380s, the biggest passenger airplane on Earth. Furthermore, SOCARs’ doors opened 40 million times, which means that a door was open every 4 seconds since the service started operating.

Meanwhile, SOCAR has conducted vehicle inspections once a week for each vehicle, amounting to 995 times on a daily basis. The SO-chin (SOCAR user) who used the service the most has used it 1,744 times.

Adding another 300,000 from last February, SOCAR had 2.8 million members by mid-July, the largest member base in the industry. The company also leads the industry in terms of infrastructure, having 7,000 cars on service and 3,000 SOCAR zones operating all over the country. On top of its leading infrastructure, SOCAR has provided various services such as SOCAR Bureum, a call service, and Zerocar Sharing, a service that allows a user to subscribe for a year-long membership at a discount, for customization.

“The 10 million bookings mean more than just a numerical achievement made by a company, but symbolizes the positive perception on sharing economy and the subversion of the stereotype of transportation” says Mr. Jeongyeol Cho, CEO of SOCAR. He further claimed that “SOCAR will continue to provide an easy and safe car sharing service, and keep spreading the sharing economy culture as the pioneer in the industry.”

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