WAUG Travel, a Travel Activity Booking Platform, Closes $2.5M Series A


WAUG Travel, a travel activity booking platform, announced on July 4th that it has raised a $2.5 Million from a global tax refund company Global Tax Free (GTF).

Waug Travel is the service provider of travel activity reservation platform WAUG. Users can easily and book admission tickets for special activities in the travel site. In the first year, WAUG reached 600,000 visitors and 80,000 monthly booking.

WAUG initially targeted domestic users seeking overseas travel activities, but decided to target foreign users due to the steadily increasing demand of foreign travelers to experience domestic activities.

Jin Won Kang, CEO of GTF, commented, “We will connect WAUG’s voucher ticketing technology to GTF kiosks placed in major attractions and enable foreign travelers to easily book the domestic activities on site. Furthermore, our co-marketing will be in a form of increasing brand awareness of GTF to outbound travelers by providing them discount coupons.”

Yoon Sunwoo, CEO of WAUG Travel, commented, “There exists an intense competition among the companies targeting outbound demand, but not so much for inbound demand. GTF’s kiosks are placed in most major attractions and we believe our collaboration will have a ripple effect.”

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