Monster School Launches Smart Arithmetics Training App


Monster School (CEO Byeonghyun So) officially launched Sekkal Sem (“색깔셈”), a math training mobile app for kids, on Google Playstore.

Monster School is an education tech company specializing in children’s math training content. One third of Korean elementary school students consider themselves as having “given up on mathematics.” Monster School seeks to reduce this number by revolutionizing analog methods of math training through creative, “smart” learning tools.

Speed and accuracy are critical in the four fundamental arithmetic operations (i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Sekkal Sem is a proprietary training tool based on abacus calculation that enhances kids’ arithmetics skills. Once completing the program and solidifying base arithmetics skills, students will have the confidence to move onto middle and high school math confidently.

The app makes math fun for kids through its advanced game UX. It recently received the “Korea’s Functional Games Finalist 2017” award from Korea Game Society.

Byeonghyun So notes that “elementary school math is more important to do well than middle and high school math, as a strong base in arithmetics skills is what helps students solve complex problems.” He further comments that Monster School will soon expand beyond arithmetics training to all elementary school math content and become “the global number one” math content company. As Generation Y (born in early 1980’s) — who grew up in the digital era — become parents today, digital learning will become increasingly common and the importance of digital content especially emphasized.

Image Source: Monster School

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