Naver to be named ‘Forbes Top 100 Innovators’, 9th place this year


Naver has ranked #9 for the fourth consecutive year as the only domestic company on ‘The World’s Most Innovative Companies” by Forbes.

Since 2011, Forbes has been selecting innovative companies based on the Innovation Premium Solution for the companies around the world. Among the domestic companies, Naver (#9), Amore Pacific (#16), and LG Health & Beauty (#28) were ranked on the list.

Naver is ranked #9, 44 stairs up compared to 2014, 4 stairs up compared to 2015, entering  for the first time in the top 10. Naver was ranked #53 in 2014, #21 in 2015, #13 in 2016. By industry, it ranked #2 in the Software & Service category after  the, By region, it rank #2 after  the Shanghai RAAS Blood Product among the Pacific companies.

Meanwhile, American video streaming service, Netflix (#5), Chinese IT company, Tencent (#24), and Baidu (#60) also were ranked on ‘The World’s Most Innovative Companies” in 2017. Following American cloud computing company, of #1, electric vehicle company Tesla was selected as  #2, and e-commerce company Amazon was selected as  #3.


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