SOCAR to Adopt ADAS(intelligent driving aid) on the Greatest Number of Vehicles in the Industry


Biggest car sharing company in Korea SOCAR revealed on August 10th that the company aims to lead safe car sharing culture by adopting ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) on the greater number of vehicles than any other company in the industry.

ADAS, which stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, is an intelligent driving safety solution that detects surroundings and any hazards through cameras and sensors. ADAS has been proven its positive effect on driving through many case studies and experiments operated in research facilities throughout the United States and Europe. China plans to introduce a national law that requires every bus and truck to install ADAS. In addition, with respect to aiding safe driving, ADAS serves as a foundation for autonomous cars. SOCAR plans to use data collected from ADAS in future research for safe driving.

As a market leader in the Korean car sharing industry, SOCAR decided to adopt ADAS on 300 vehicles, a number greater than every other company in the industry. The company will purchase 50 new Kia Singers and 50 new Kia Mornings as its first ADAS vehicles. SOCAR also plans to install Remote ADAS on 200 of its current Hyundai Avante ADs. Remote ADAS is a vehicle control solution developed by SK Telecom that utilizes big data to aid drivers.

The core functions of ADAS include front-to-rear collision warning, lane departure warning, and emergency braking assistance system. Functionalities may differ depending on each vehicle type. ADAS-equipped vehicles will notify its drivers of its ADAS functionality at the time of booking SOCAR, and will help customers drive more safely through information stickers and instructions in the vehicle.

SOCAR CEO Cho Jung Yul stated, “We expect ADAS to immensely improve customer’s driving environment and safe driving.” He added, “As the leader in car sharing industry, SOCAR will keep innovating to enhance service quality and customer safety.”

Head of SK Telecom Network Technologies Center Park Jin Hyo said, “The core of Remote ADAS technology is based on communication technology, sharing real time safety solutions to the vehicle and other surrounding vehicles as well..” He concluded, “We will continue to work together with SOCAR to improve technology and ultimately customer satisfaction.”


Image Credit: SOCAR

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