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WATCHA is a personalized recommendation service invented by Tae Hoon Park, the CEO of frograms. For the past 5 years, it has mainly been a TV show and movie recommendation service. Recently, WATCHA added a book recommendation function and now specializes in introducing various forms of culture.

The service utilizes big data analysis concerning user preference in combination with an advanced search engine to provide a customized set of recommendations.

Along with the launch of a book recommendation function, WATCHA has now enabled users to record a complete history of their cultural endeavors: movies they enjoyed, TV shows they binge-watched, and books they devoured. Users are also free to create original collections of movies and books, or a collection made up of all three mediums. Plus, WATCHA lets users follow each other and share their preferences with friends.

Another function that was introduced is the feature that adds a book that is not in the WATCHA database through barcode scanning. This function essentially kills two birds with one stone by increasing service efficiency and user participation.

“WATCHA has collected 3.5 million stars within user reviews for movies and TV shows,” CEO Tae Hoon Park noted. “With the new reading recommendation function, I hope to gain even more insight on Korean taste and eventually amass the best big data in Korea regarding cultural content.”


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