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Brunch, Kakao’s digital content publishing platform, brings readers and writers closer and expands its content ecosystem.

On July 27th, Brunch launched the ‘Weekly Magazine’ which publishes serials from different writers everyday. Brunch is also recruiting writers for the Magazine. The Weekly Magazine allows users of Daum and Brunch to discover new writers and their contents, and writers to reach a wider audience with publication opportunities.   

The Brunch team selects the writers for the Weekly Magazine after careful evaluation. About 4-5 writers are assigned to one day of the week and release their contents on the assigned day every week. There are about 34 writers covering a wide range of topics including travel, daily, career, humanities, and education. For instance, every Monday, Writer Min Sueng Song publishes the ‘Surviving Silicon Valley As a Designer.’ Writer Won Shim publishes the ‘Writing Tips from  Daechi-dong Writer’ on Wednesdays. Fridays are for a serial of ‘Health Tips from Oriental Medicine Doctor’ by Writer Mi-mi Choi.

Everyday, serials from the Weekly Magazine are presented on the main page of the Daum (parent company of Kakao’s Brunch) app as well as on the Brunch app. It allows not only Brunch users but also Daum users to discover a wide variety of writers and their magazine serials. Readers have an option to subscribe to a serial of their choice. With the Weekly Magazine, readers are now exposed to more opportunities to discover new content and writers are now connected with more readers.

Brunch started recruiting for the Magazine’s writers on August 10th and introduced the application program for those interested. Application information is found at:

AIming to provide publishing opportunities for the writers, Brunch has partnered with 33 Korean publishing companies. If a serial gets a publishing deal, Brunch covers the costs associated with publishing and marketing.

“A deeper connection between good writing and readers will naturally lead to the expansion of the content ecosystem,” said Brunch Cell Manager Ho Young Lee. “We plan to offer incentives to writers for their creative activities and an engaging environment and content to readers.

Brunch has established a number of programs to support the dream of young writers on Brunch. The ‘Project Brunch Book,’ a publishing contest, is held twice a year. For the fourth Project Brunch Book contest early this year, there were about 5,800 submissions, a 40% increase from the previous contest. Also, Brunch partnered with ‘Bookk’ publishing company, offering Publish On Demand services to young Brunch writers. Publish On Demand takes orders online and prints only the amount ordered, alleviating the pressure of publication costs and contracts.



With the vision ‘writing becomes art,’ Brunch is a content publishing platform owned by Kakao. Brunch writers are selected through screening and evaluation and there are currently 20,000 Brunch writers and 200 books published by Brunch writers.

Brunch writers’ books can be found at Users can subscribe to writers of their choice and purchase books through the online bookstore.


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